I'm John Longo and I've been working on motorcycle seats for 38 years. So far, I have centerfolded 321 Bike magazines. I made the seat on the motorcycle that won the Iron Butt race from Seattle to Miami. I work with all American made materials such as leather, naugahyde, gator, and reptile. You name it, I can get it.

No compromises. No computer generated designs, everything is handmade. Our services provide height adjustments, comfort techniques, pitch and angle modifications. Hand laid Fiberglass Seat Pans, custom stitch work, fitted laced leather, fringe and studded seats. I also do restoration of antique seats using original latex foam rubber.

I can make anything you can think of.

On this site, you can see photos of some of my work. I know that you'll be impressed. Call me. Come see me. You'll be glad you did. My address?

        John Longo Motorcycle Seats
        315C Howard Avenue
        Rockville, MD 20850

        Telephone: (301) 762-4373

My Mobile Service is available for hire by the day. If you line up several seats at your shop, I'll come to your location and do the work on-site. For Mail Order, just send me your seat and a picture of your bike and I'll make a seat that gives you a unique look. Don't let your seat kill all your hard work on your bike. Get it done right by John Longo. As I like to say, "Put your ass on some class".

John Longo